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COMET deliberates a carbon-neutral future at ACEF 2023

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

ACEF 2023 banner

We are thrilled to announce that our colleagues, Ayu Abdullah and Ainina Sofia will be representing the COMET team at the highly anticipated Asia Clean Energy Forum 2023. Taking place in Manila, Philippines, this event will focus on Navigating Toward a Carbon-Neutral Future Through Clean Energy Solutions. Ayu and Nina will be present to network, share insights, and answer any queries related to the COMET software and its innovative approach to community engagement and demand assessment for mini-grids.

Date and Time: Tuesday-Friday, 13-16 June 2023. Location: ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines. Register here.

Discussing the Polycrisis Mark your calendars for Ayu's panel session on 13 June 2023 from 2 pm - 3:30 pm. Ayu will join an expert panel of speakers at the 'Asia and the Polycrisis' spotlight session, where they will discuss the latest developments in energy access and energy security in their region and sector and what needs to happen to speed up these developments.

COMET's Contribution to Renewable Energy and Mini-Grid Sectors

COMET's participation at ACEF 2023 through our colleagues' representation highlights our commitment to driving the renewable energy and mini-grid sectors towards a sustainable future through innovative approaches. With our unique software and community engagement approach, we empower communities to assess their energy needs, optimize mini-grid operations, and transition to clean energy solutions. Connect with our colleagues at the forum and hear all about the COMET approach and impact in person!

Join Us at the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2023

We invite you to join Ayu and Nina at the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2023 to learn more about COMET's transformative impact on the renewable energy and mini-grid sectors. Engage in insightful discussions, explore collaborative opportunities, and discover how COMET is revolutionizing the path towards a carbon-neutral future.

If you can't make it to ACEF 2023, fret not—we will also be posting forum highlights on our social media. Follow COMET on LinkedIn and Twitter at @thecometapp to stay updated!

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