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COMET enriches your current process

A software that taps into human behaviors and interactive digital technology to provide diverse insight into energy demand, customer priorities, and more.


Inform and engage communities

Simplify communication of energy and billing concepts. Improve the accuracy of your demand and willingness-to-pay estimates.

Manage demand, drive down costs

Explore and test demand management options. Drive down the cost of energy by increasing system utilization. Build local capacity for ongoing support and continued collaboration.


Encourage and support productive use

Familiarize local businesses with energy costs and time of use incentives. Coordinate and plan productive uses that match availability of power and improve local livelihoods.

Make better decisions with broader community input

Extend beyond traditional decision-makers by reaching all groups within a community. Strengthen capacity and tap into local knowledge for more resilient and impactful mini-grids.


More than

10,000 end-users,

13 communities

impacted by COMET

across 5 countries

Your end users are unique, so are your projects

Wondering how COMET can best fulfill your project needs? Schedule a demo with us today!

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