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Software Features

All the features you need in one solution

Be in control and obtain high resolution insights for your mini-grid project


As an Operator

Test various scenarios

For example: type and size of energy system, system and meter limits, payment system and fees, number of connections, and more.


Explore tariffs with different meter types and payment options

Simulate multiple tariffs within the same community to get better insights

COMET Simulations

Simulate various scenarios according to your project priorities, including:

  • Actual and ideal system capacity

  • High demand and normal demand days

  • Payment fees / tariffs

  • Payment types (prepaid, postpaid, monthly flat)


Monitor community load profiles and understand consumption patterns

Test your system capacity and flexibility to fit the community’s demand

Your end users are unique, so are your projects

Wondering how COMET can best fulfill your project needs? Schedule a demo with us today!

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