Community Energy Toolkit

The mini-grid simulator for developers and communitiesbuilding better energy systems together.

Inform and engage communities.

Simplify communication of energy and billing concepts. Improve the accuracy of your demand and willingness-to-pay estimates.


Encourage and support productive use.

Familiarize local businesses with energy costs and time of use incentives. Coordinate and plan productive uses that match availability of power and improve local livelihoods.


Manage demand, drive down costs.

Explore and test demand management options. Drive down the cost of energy by increasing system utilization. Build local capacity for on-going support and continued collaboration.


Make better decisions with broader community input.

Extend beyond traditional decision-makers by reaching all groups within a community. Strengthen capacity and tap into local knowledge for more resilient and impactful mini-grids.


How does COMET work?
COMET is a software-based demand exploration toolkit for sustainable mini-grid systems. No internet? No power? No problem. COMET can be deployed anywhere, anytime.

Partner with us!

We are seeking energy access practitioners, developers, and educators to partner with us in testing and deploying COMET. Do you have a current or upcoming mini-grid project or program? Interested in what we do? Let’s get in touch!

COMET in Somaliland

COMET in Somaliland

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